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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that the Alcohol Lab receives prior to a new member’s acceptance. Please feel free to contact Dr. Martinetti about any other questions that are not listed.

Q: Do new research assistants need prior research and lab experience?

A: Research experience is beneficial, but not required. Research assistants are selected to participate in the lab through several interviews with Dr. Martinetti and current members of the lab team. If selected, all new members are trained by other research assistants in the lab about protocol.


Q: In addition, do new members need to have experience with animals in research?

A: Experience with research animals is beneficial, but not required. If members do not have any experience, trainers in the lab will teach new research assistants how to handle the animals.


Q: Besides lab responsibilities, what other academic assignments am I responsible for?

A: In addition to completion of discussion questions to relevant readings, each semester research assistants improve the efficiency and administration of the Alcohol Lab through various projects. In addition, students are responsible for submitting a paper at the end of the semester. More information about assignments and grading are discussed in the syllabus each semester.


Q: If I am accepted into the lab, how do I add this class to my schedule during registration?

A: All research assistants that participate in collaborative research laboratories are registered into labs through Dr. Ruddy during registration. Students must only register for three classes so that Dr. Ruddy can register individuals’ designated labs into their schedules.


Q: What does ‘behavioral economics’ mean?

A: Behavioral economics examines how the consumption of certain commodities changes in relation to demand and fluctuating price points.


Q: Are there any other responsibilities that I should know about in the Alcohol Lab?

A: Anything that is not discussed on this page will be addressed on the syllabus, protocol manual, and other pertinent pieces of information that are given at the beginning of the semester. If new members still have questions, feel free to e-mail or talk to Dr. Martinetti in person about any confusion or concerns.